2023 UAPCS Charter School Conference

Speaker Handouts

Thanks to all of our great presenters!

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UAPCS Conference 2022

June 7-8, 2022

Classroom Management as a Foundation by Aspen Florence
 UAPC Culture Training

 UAPCS Classroom Management

Celebrate Reading All Month by Cymberly Erni

Social Emotional Leading by J. Lynn Jones

Finding a Path to Your Forever School by Jon Dahlberg and Tony Solorzano

You've Received a Bullying Complaint. Now What? by Platte Nielson and Emily Bejarano

Motivating Math Moments by Becca McKendrick

Competency-Based Hiring by Dr. Delaina Tonks

Buzzing About the Beehive Books

Unload Some Burden...Guiding Stakeholders to Own and Solve Their Problems by Wade Glathar


Progress Monitoring in Reading by Teresa McEntire

Improving Student and Teacher Performance Through Best Practice Assessment by Dr. Bruce Hayes and Dr. Delaina Tonks

Scrible for Research by Chris Haught

Visual Literacy in the Science Classroom by Joy Leavitt

Canvas Tips and Tricks by Chris Haught

UAPCS Conference 2021

June 8-9, 2021 

Protecting Your School: Perpetrators, Pugnacious Parents, and the Provoking Public by Platte Nielson & Emily Bejarano

What Can Canvas Do for You by Chris Haught

Facility Planning: Seven Deadly Sins, Exposed by Patrick Beausoleil

Fostering Positive Mathematical Mindsets by Hailey Faiola

Internal Control Systems and the Single (Federal Compliance) Audit by Hollie Andrus & Debbie Davis

Do Schools Learn? Does Ours? What Do We Do If Our School Doesn't Learn? by Dr. David Forbush

Just Google It! by Chris Haught

The Case For Coaching by Rabecca Cisneros

Comprehensive Reviews and the Role of the State Performance Team by William Evans, Andrew Vardas-Doane, Elisabeth Bunker, and Robert Kohutek

Roundtable - "The Employee Experience" by Ryan Bingham

The Science of Motivation by Anya Yeager & Adam Hailstone

Active Shooter Protocol: Proactive Measures for Prevention by J. Cooper Dixon

Have You Used Sora (eBooks) In Your Classroom by Chris Haught

Educators Making the Difference in the Age of COVID-19 by Scott Poland

Risk Management Solutions - Preventing Abuse by Susan Thomson

Student Engagement through Expression Styles by Wade Glathar

What is the Family Medical Leave Act (FLMA)? by Jamie Neil & Priscilla Wadman

Invoking Inquiry in a New Age: Facilitating a Socratic Seminar across Learning Environments

Empowering and Engaging Students by Jennifer Throndsen

Contemporary Crisis Issues Faced By Schools by Dr. Scott Poland

Online by Choice: Engagement in an Online Classroom

Should I Stay or Should I Grow? by Rob Nickell, Monty Hardy, Clay Hardman, and Neil Walter

The 3 C's of Successful Schools: Culture, Climate, and Community by Stephanie Speicher

Contemporary Crisis Issues Faced By Schools by Dr. Scott Poland

Tell Your ESSER Money Where to Go Instead of Wondering Where It Went by Dr. Parker Fawson, Dr. David Forbush, and Dr. Ray Reutzel

Grow, or Start, Your Reading Culture by Cymberly Emi

*Please note: not all presenters provided supporting documents.