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The Utah Association of Public Charter Schools gives your organization access to the strength and camaraderie of the largest network of board members, directors, principals and teachers in the state.

As Utah’s premier charter school association, our mission is to provide you with top-notch advocacy, expert training, support programs, and benefits that will strengthen your organization. Our most recent efforts, interaction, and presence at the legislature produced a more efficient and fair authorization process through the removal of redundancies. Our work has also resulted in unprecedented increases to the WPU and equitable funding.

We are thrilled to expand our training, roundtable and networking events, enhance our technical assistance offerings, grow our annual conference, and provide you with an on-line resource library to help strengthen and build the leadership capacity of charter schools. We are your voice – what matters to you matters to us!

Each of us play a critical part in education and UAPCS helps you focus on what you do best - educating students! Let us assist you in maintaining the flexibility, autonomy and innovation within your school through our legislative, training and support.

Royce Van Tassell
Executive Director

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