Legislative Updates

We need your help! Charter school funding is at risk! 

It’s Federal Appropriations Time!

The federal appropriations cycle is coming up quickly and the National Alliance works diligently every year to ensure funding for the Charter Schools Program (CSP) is protected. 

What does this mean for charter schools and UAPCS, and why should you care?

  • CSP provides the only federal funding for new, expanding, and replicating charter schools

  • 8 CSOs—AL, AR, ID, NV, NJ, OK, PA, and WA—are current State Entity grantees and receive funding from this program

  • Utah charter schools have also received this funding to replicate and open new campuses.

  • This funding is critical for charter school expansion

There are a lot of variables this year: a new president whose support for charter schools was unclear—at best—while on the campaign trail; a Senate subcommittee appropriations chair, Sen. Patty Murray (WA), who has regularly deprioritized charter schools; and a House subcommittee appropriations chair, Rosa DeLauro (CT), who has proposed a cut to the program for the last two years in a row.

Contact our representatives and let them know you support Charter School Programs (CSP) funding:

Senator Mitt Romney(385) 264-7885 Ogden Office
(801) 524-4380 Salt Lake City Office
(801) 515-7230 Spanish Fork Office
(435) 522-7100 St. George Office
(202) 224-5251 Washington DC Office
Senator Mike Lee
(435) 628-5514 St. George Office
(801) 392-9633 Ogden Office
(801) 524-5933 Salt Lake City Office
(202) 224-5444 Washington DC Office
Representative Burgess Owens
(801) 999-9801 West Jordan Office
(202) 225-3011 Washington DC Office
Representative John Curtis
(801) 922-5400 Provo Office
(202) 225-7751 Washington DC Office
Representative Blake Moore
(801) 625-0107 Ogden Office
(202) 225-0453 Washington DC Office
Representative Chris Stewart(801) 364-5550 Bountiful Office
(435) 627-1500 St. George Office
(202) 225-9730 Washington DC Office

Please check the spreadsheets below for bills and appropriations to watch! (Click on file to download in Excel-both in same workbook)

Week of February 8, 2021

Week of January 25, 2021