We have something for everyone.

Training is provided FREE of charge to ALL Utah public charter schools through grants from the Utah State Charter School Board.

  • ACES Program
    • Fall Course begins September 28, 2023 with Kickoff and Q&A
    • Flyer
    • Register HERE
  • New Director Cohort
    • Join other new directors for discussion and book study
    • Flyer
    • Register HERE
  • Mentors
    • We provide FREE mentorship to new administrators and those who request
    • Contact Shannon Greer, shannon@utahcharters.org
  • Administrative Lunch Seminars
    • Quick, digestible topics discussed Wednesdays, 12-1pm, beginning September 20, 2023
  • Professional Book Studies
  • Regional Administrative Retreats
    • In-person, in-depth training and networking
    • Flyer
    • Register HERE
  • State Charter School Board Director's Meetings (Training provided within meetings.)
  • Board Governance Training
  • Open and Public Meeting Act Training
  • Governing Board and Director Evaluation Training
  • Custom Board Training
  • New Board Chair Training
    • Training and networking opportunities for new school board chairs.
    • Flyer and Zoom link
  • Board Training
    • This 3 part training series will help you understand your role as a board member.
    • Flyer and Zoom Link
    • Register HERE
  • Mentors
    • We offer a mentor to help you in your role on a school board.
    • Contact Shannon Greer, shannon@utahcharters.org to be paired with a mentor.
  • Business Administrator Training
  • School Counselor Training
  • Human Resources Training
  • Student Behavior
  • Mentors
  • Monthly Pre-Operational School Training
  • School Expansion Assistance

Learn about other schools and listen to a few training topics HERE.