2021 Circle of Excellence Awards

Congratulations to our winners! Keep up the good work.

Circle of Excellence Awards Nominees

Charter School of the Year

  • George Washington Academy
  • Hawthorn Academy
  • Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy
  • Monticello Academy West Point
  • North Davis Preparatory Academy
  • Utah Career Path High

Charter Board of the Year

  • Beehive Science & Technology Academy
  • Hawthorn Academy
  • Utah Career Path High
  • Wasatch Peak Academy

 Administrator of the Year

  • Anna Long, Director, Monticello Academy West Point
  • Blake Clark, Executive Director, George Washington Academy
  • Dane Roberts, Executive Director, Monticello Academy
  • Deborah Swenson, Executive Director, Hawthorn Academy
  • Diane Nelson, Director, CS Lewis Academy
  • Hanifi Oguz, Director, Beehive Science & Technology Academy
  • Jennilyn Derbidge, Principal, Utah County Academy of Sciences
  • Lindsey Heinig, Director K-4, Monticello Academy Highbury
  • Nicole Jones, Director, Jefferson Academy
  • Stacey Hutchings, Principal, Utah Career Path High
  • Wade Glathar, Lead Director, Ascent Academies

Teacher of the Year

  • Alexis Wach, Endeavor Hall
  • Brett Allen, Monticello Academy
  • Carelene Walloch, Beehive Science & Technology Academy
  • Christine Giles, George Washington Academy
  • Ingrid Veldhuis, Monticello Academy
  • Jemmima Vazquez, Monticello Academy
  • Jessica Covington, Monticello Academy
  • Macee Black, Utah Virtual Academy
  • Matt Swartz, George Washington Academy
  • Melanie Campbell, Hawthorn Academy South
  • Michaela Johnson, Monticello Academy
  • Phryne Almeida, Monticello Academy
  • Rachel Simpson, Monticello Academy
  • Staci Brock, Monticello Academy
  • Travis Beck, Endeavor Hall
  • Trudy Seely, American Leadership Academy
  • Tyler Christensen, George Washington Academy
  • Vanessa Mena, Monticello Academy

Employee of the Year

  • April Cox, Health & Wellness Secretary, George Washington Academy
  • Brian Hartmann, Reading Specialist, Monticello Academy
  • Krista Lilley, Administrative Assistant, East Hollywood High School
  • Sara Gorringe, Principal’s Secretary, Endeavor Hall 
  • Shannon Zobrist, Instructional Coach, Hawthorn Academy
  • Vickie Peterson, School Safety, Beehive Science & Technology Academy

Business Manager of the Year

  • Sam Urie, Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy
  • Troy Bradshaw, Vista School

Innovator of the Year

  • Diane Nelson, Director, CS Lewis Academy
  • Kerrie Upenieks, STEM Coordinator/Teacher, Beehive Science & Technology Academy

Rookie of the Year

  • Anna Long, Monticello Academy West Point
  • Chance Manzanares, Asst. Director, George Washington Academy
  • Lisa Evans, Director, Advantage Arts Academy
  • Makayla Stabler, Teacher, Utah Virtual Academy