2023 UAPCS Charter School Conference

Circle of Excellence nominations open for _

2022 Circle of Excellence Awards

Congratulations to our winners! Keep up the good work.

2022 Circle of Excellence

Award Nominees


Charter School
of the Year

  • Advantage Arts Academy
  • American Academy of Innovation
  • Beehive Science & Technology Academy
  • Bridge Elementary
  • Career Path High
  • George Washington Academy
  • Good Foundations Academy
  • Hawthorn Academy
  • Jefferson Academy
  • Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy
  • InTech Collegiate High School


Charter Board
of the Year

  • Ascent Academies of Utah
  • Beehive Science & Technology Academy
  • Thomas Edison Charter School


of the Year

  • Chelsea Bergeron, Mountain View Montessori
  • Blake Clark, George Washington Academy
  • Robyn Ellis, Maeser Preparatory Academy
  • Lisa Erwin, Good Foundations Academy
  • Adam Gerlach, Wallace Stegner Academy
  • Wade Glathar, Ascent Academies of Utah
  • Lindsey Heinig, Monticello Academy
  • Halis Kablan, Beehive Science & Technology Academy
  • Anna Long, Monticello Academy
  • Hanifi Oguz, Beehive Science & Technology Academy
  • Angie Rasmussen, Noah Webster Academy
  • Tricia Remington, Ascent Academy of Lehi
  • Lani Rounds, Bridge Elementary
  • Anthony Sudweeks, Wallace Stegner Academy
  • Deborah Swensen, Hawthorn Academy
  • Sara Tucker, Bridge Elementary
  • Melissa Wood, Good Foundations Academy


of the Year

  • Brett Allen, Monticello Academy
  • Travis Beck, Endeavor Hall
  • Emily Bolman, Ascent Academy
  • Staci Brock, Monticello Academy
  • Jessika Chandler, Career Path High
  • Bethany Crowley, Ascent Academy
  • Erica Crum, Monticello Academy
  • Jennifer Darcy, Hawthorn Academy
  • Lynn DeVarona, Good Foundations Academy
  • Laura Eatchel, Monticello Academy
  • Jessica Farnsworth, Syracuse Arts Academy
  • Jordan Forte, Endeavor Hall
  • Chelsea Goff, Ascent Academy
  • Amber Green, Monticello Academy
  • Moana Jacobsen, Monticello Academy
  • Wendy Jensen, Good Foundations Academy
  • Julie Johnson, Ascent Academy
  • Carley Ketcham, Ascent Academy
  • Kristi Knowles, Good Foundations Academy
  • Shari Mabbitt, Good Foundations Academy
  • Jadie Mathews, Monticello Academy
  • Stacey McBride, Monticello Academy
  • Anna McDaniels, Ascent Academy
  • Becca McKendrick, Monticello Academy
  • Vanessa Mena, Monticello Academy
  • Ashlee Pendleton, Ascent Academy
  • Kayla Reed, Ascent Academy
  • Janet Scott, Hawthorn Academy
  • Rachael Simpson, Monticello Academy
  • Tara Stephens, Syracuse Arts Academy
  • Jenisse Svendsen, Hawthorn Academy
  • Maggie Thompson, Advantage Arts Academy
  • Priscilla Todd, Ascent Academy
  • Kerrie Upenieks, Beehive Science & Technology Academy
  • Jemmima Vazquez, Monticello Academy
  • Tim Whipple, Syracuse Arts Academy
  • Keerstyn Wright, Hawthorn Academy


of the Year

  • Dee Billings, Ascent Academy
  • Cymberly Erni, Ascent Academy
  • Hailey Faiola, Ascent Academy
  • Erin Lewis, Ascent Academy
  • Vickie Peterson, Beehive Science & Technology Academy
  • Jackie Rawlins, Monticello Academy
  • Kelly Simonsen, Advantage Arts Academy
  • Veronica Wilson, Good Foundations Academy


Business Manager
of the Year

  • Nicole Desmond, Lakeview Academy
  • Jonada Munk, Gateway Academy
  • Tara Merryweather, Utah County Academy of Sciences


Above and Beyond Award

  • Rachel Ebeling, Drama/Theatre Arts Director, Ascent Academy
  • Marina Gonzalez, School Counselor, Ascent Academy
  • William Harlow, Innovator, Beehive Science & Technology Academy
  • Cole Hights, Student Advocate, Summit Academy
  • Brittany Jolley, APPEL Coordinator, HighMark Charter School
  • Anjanae Merida, School Counselor, George Washington Academy
  • Janalie Youngblood, Team Lead, Summit Academy
  • Shannon Zobrist, Academic Coach, Hawthorn Academy


of the Year

  • Carlie Adair, Hawthorn Academy
  • Amanda Barbosa, Ascent Academy
  • Erica Billet, Monticello Academy
  • Sarah Eliason, George Washington Academy
  • Jennifer Evans, Advantage Arts Academy
  • Nicole Guerra, Career Path High
  • Isaac James, Hawthorn Academy
  • Michael Layden, Hawthorn Academy
  • Mary Morel, Ascent Academy
  • Mary Mitchell, Hawthorn Academy
  • Karin Petty, Hawthorn Academy
  • Melissa Rice, Noah Webster Academy
  • Lexi Saborio, Ascent Academy
  • Lavinia Sapoi, Endeavor Hall
  • Sara Welsh, Beehive Science & Technology Academy
  • B’Elana Wilcox, Monticello Academy