Governing Board Training

Successful Governance Seminars

A series of "How To" seminars for board governance. Jump into the series at any time. Schedule and details for 2021-2022 school year coming soon!

Lunchtime Seminars

Quick bites of information once a month for board members. The lunchtime seminars will be held on the following days at noon:

  • September 1: Robert's Rules
  • October 4: Board Calendar & Structure
  • November 1: Marketing
  • December 1: Good to Great
  • January 3: Procurement
  • February 1: All Things Financial
  • March 1: State of Being Legal
  • April 4: Reading Academic Reports
  • May 2: Required Policies

Fall Convening

Held on September 16th, this is an all hands on deck training for a half-day retreat for admin, counselors, and boards. Details coming soon.

Governing Board Training Overview

Details coming soon.

Spring Convening

Held on March 22nd, this training will have something for everyone: administrators, board members, business managers, and counselors. Details forthcoming.