Charles Wood

Charles Max Wood is a podcaster, programmer, and father. He's served on Odyssey Charter School's board for over 10 years and brings considerable experience in outreach, media, technology, and governance. He firmly believes that every child should have the opportunity to attend a school that meets his or her needs.

Why do you want to serve on the UAPCS Board?

I'd like to put in the work to give students more options in Utah.

What specific skills and knowledge can you bring to the board?

I'm a software developer and understand the technology end of things. I also run a podcast network and can bring growth strategies and outreach opportunities to the board.

Please share your prior governing board experience.

I've served on Odyssey's board for the last 10 years.

Where do you hope to see the Charter School movement in the next five years?

I'd love to get to the point where any child/parents who want alternatives to traditional public school can get into a charter school that meets their needs.