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Next Meeting Friday, June 15th at 12pm


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    Welcome! Due to the call difficulty at 10am this morning, we will be holding the 12pm meeting on Zoom. Please link here: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 988 7571 2585 Password: uapcs

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May 22

tenth Covid-19 informational meeting


May 15

ninth Covid-19 informational meeting


May 8

eighth Covid-19 informational meeting


May 1

seventh Covid-19 informational meeting


April 24

sixth Covid-19 informational meeting


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  • Discussion Summary below:

    Talk of spring celebrations and graduations:

    • Student yard signs to celebrate graduates/teachers for teacher appreciation
    • Virtual field day w/minute to win it activities
    • Google Meet for small graduation events (8th grade graduation, etc.)
    • Check USBE Google doc for graduation event ideas here

    Questions of returning to school:

    • Teachers on campus during summer to prep classrooms or participate in teacher training sessions. What will the guidelines be?
    • Students in fall: smaller class sizes/break up lunchroom and playground time?
    • Families who prefer to maintain social distancing are concerned about on-campus attendance when on-line schooling has been working well. They don't want to lose spot in charter school.
    • What about extra time it takes teachers to educate in so many ways/longer school days?
    • UAPCS recommends consulting with authorizer and local health department for guidelines. There may be differences depending on county regulations. There are a lot of unknowns until at least May 1st. 

    Discussion about the federal Payment Protection Plan:

    • We discussed why some schools may have used it (hourly workers, including paras, janitorial services, etc.) and best ways to apply (smaller, local banks are receiving funds quicker than some larger, national banks). 
    • The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has also addressed this topic and shared the following: "The Small Business Administration (SBA), in consultation with the Treasury Department, released new FAQs yesterday regarding SBA's Paycheck Protection Program loans (linked below). Question #31, in particular, reinforces the concept of making a good faith certification concerning immediate financial need. We recommend that schools consult with their attorneys regarding how this new guidance may impact their specific circumstances. "
  • Follow up to last week discussion re: parent communication with one school email:

    Sam Gibb, Vista School, shared what his school does to communicate with parents. They send one email weekly with links to the specific grade information so that parents aren't bombarded with a separate email for each child at the school. Link Here for an example of his school's email.

April 17

fifth Covid-19 informational meeting


April 10

fourth Covid-19 informational meeting


April 3

third Covid-19 informational meeting


March 26

second Covid-19 informational meeting


March 19

first Covid-19 informational seminar