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Training & Mentoring Services

Thanks to a generous grant from the State Charter School Board, and support from Zions Bank, UAPCS administers training and mentoring services to pre-operational and operational public charter schools. We offer training in governance, finance, facilities, administration, policy, Open and Public Meetings Act, marketing and more. We have training for board members, business managers, administrators, teachers, and staff. All training and mentoring is available at NO CHARGE regardless of membership with UAPCS. There is something for everyone!

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 Training Opportunities

In-person training opportunities are suspended indefinitely due to school dismissal from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Online seminar recordings are found under Resource Library-Covid-19 & School Dismissal Information-UAPCS Online Meetings.

Our mentoring services are still available. Please contact with any questions.




August 5th Wednesday


Employment Law during Covid-19:  What happens if teachers and staff don’t come back to school?

  • Balancing health concerns and employment requirements of teachers and staff
  • Updates on FLMA provisions enacted for Covid-19 impacted employers & employees
  • What Covid related health issues are and are not protected as disabilities under the ADA?
  • What legal abilities do LEA’s have to enforce compliance with their adopted health policies and procedures?

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Meeting ID: 889 6470 4392
Passcode: 245792


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Our pre-operational training, with training from the SCSB, covers all requirements of the state regarding opening a charter school. Those training requirements can also be found on the SCSB website here.

Pre-Operational Training Schedule for 2019-2020

Board Training

Our governing board training, and resource library, can help get new board members up to speed on their responsibilities.  Training is also provided for experienced board members so they may continue in excellent oversight.

Governing Board Training Schedule for 2019-2020

Administrator Training

We support our charter school leaders with training in their areas of responsibility. We provide new administrators a variety of topics, and the chance to network with experienced administrators, to ensure our schools continue to run well.

Administrator Training Schedule for  2019-2020

Choose your support

Custom Training

We can provide specific training according to the needs and experience of you governing board. Contact Joylin at to discuss how we can help.Governance Sharing Seminars

Governance Sharing Seminars

Our governance sharing seminars are held regionally in person to allow governing boards to share best practices and network. We hold monthly online conference calls with short training topics to keep boards up to date on important governing issues. Schedules can be found under Governing Board Training. 

Annual Charter School Conference

Our annual charter school conference provides excellent training and networking for governing board members, administrators, teachers, staff, business managers, and counselors. You can meet vendors to assist your school and hear great keynote addresses.

Mentoring Services

We have a group of experienced charter school professionals ready to assist you! We support governing boards, administrators, business managers, counselors, office managers, SPED directors, and other school personnel. We'd be happy to connect you with someone who can answer a quick question or dig deep into an issue. All mentors are provided at NO COST to you or your school regardless of membership with UAPCS. Please contact joylin at