Membership Benefits



  • Funding voice for charter schools 
  • Policy protection 
  • Advocacy at state- and local-level legislative 
  • Meet and greets 
  • Interim participation 
  • Member’s policy committee 
  • Educator on the Hill events 
  • Premier table selection for Charter Day on the Hill
  • Credit Enhancement program

Mentoring / Training

  • Professional development through Charter School University
  • Discounted rates to our annual conference
  • Networking events for board members, administration, and school counselors
  • Regional trainings for new and experienced board members and administration
  • Monthly workshops for new administrators
  • Monthly pre-operational training
  • Online training library
  • Custom trainings and personalized support


  • Charterology magazine
  • Discounted rate to our Annual Job Fair
  • Purchasing program
  • Shared services
  • Fingerprinting services
  • *401K, legal, P&C, and discounted health benefits
  • Increased media exposure / PR assistance
  • Technical assistance

401k Plan

UAPCS and VeraPath Global have teamed up to provide retirement savings to member schools. Joining our Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) means all participating schools are managed under the same umbrella which provides cost savings, better plan management, reduced risk, pain-free administration, and expert investing.

Health Plan

Charters United is an employee benefits offering comprised of UAPCS member schools who join together for greater transparency and proactive wellness initiatives not available on their own. This exclusive program developed with HUB International, helps UAPCS members manage rising premium costs through conscious dedication to the health and well-being of their employees. HUB/Spectra Benefits helps member schools develop a compelling benefits package now  and  a comprehensive strategy for years to come.