Law & Policy

2020 Legislative SummaryUSBE Summary of 2020 Legislative session including law, funding, and policy requirements
Bullying Policy
Sample policy
Child Abuse Reporting PolicySample policy
Child Abuse Reporting Policy 
Additional sample policy
Continuing Enrollment Measurement Policy
From 4 schools w/online learning 
From CS Lewis Academy (pg 4 under Exceptions)
Sample policies
This is the policy to be used to account for student attendance in an online learning platform.
Committee PolicySample policy
Data Privacy and FERPA HandoutPowerpoint training 
Directory Information HandoutSample explanation of a school's definition of directory information 
Drug Free Workplace Policy
Sample policy
Employee Discrimination and Harassment  Policy
Sample policy
Employ Harassment Sample Policy
Sample policy
Employee Dress Code Sample Policy
Sample policy
Employee At Will Employment Sample Policy
Sample policy
Fees and Waivers PolicySample policy
Website about state and federal student privacy law
Grievance PolicySample policy
Medical Recommendations PolicySample policy on school personnel and medical recommendations
Mileage Reimbursement PolicySample policy
Open and Public Meetings ActLink to the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act
Open and Public Meetings Act TrainingUAPCS PDF Powerpoint training
Open and Public Meetings Act Training 2PDF Powerpoint training you can take notes on
Open and Public Meetings Updates2021 Legislative updates powerpoint
Paid Time Off During School Closure
Beaver School District Policy
USBE Guidance
Federal Fact Sheet
Sample policy w/supporting documents below
Beaver School District-our sample pulled from this
Email from Scott Jones

Prayer in School Policy
Sample policy
Records Management PolicySample policy
Safe School PolicySample policy
Search of Person or Property Policy
Sample policy
Substitute Teacher PolicySample policy
Technology PolicySample policy
Vending and Competitive Food Sales Policy
Sample policy