Charter Schools Program (CSP) helps charter schools throughout the country, including Utah.

Please read and indicate your support (click link below) of this letter to our Senators and Representatives in the US Congress.

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Dear [Senator or Representative],

The Utah Association of Public Charter Schools, its board of directors, and affiliated public charter schools in Utah encourage you to support funding for the Charter Schools Program (ESSA, Title IV, Part C). This grant supports quality education for all students across the country, and here in Utah.

Utah charter schools have been recipients of CSP funding since 2004. Jennilyn Derbidge, Principal at the Utah Academy of Sciences, shared the following:

“UCAS is a recipient of a CSP Developer Expansion grant. CSP funding has helped UCAS expand into a beautiful campus at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Provo. With every expansion there are challenges and the training, support, and funding that we were provided by our CSP Officer were essential in supporting us through a successful expansion.

This past week we have engaged in a conference of charter directors and leaders from across the country. These leaders are dedicated to students and the charter efforts in their areas; they are making monumental changes in the lives of students. These efforts are being made in a variety of charter landscapes. Every state supports charters in different ways and many make it difficult for charters to be successful. Charter leaders utilize CSP funding to creatively expand in environments that put up obstacles that thwart their efforts to maximize equity in education for students. These leaders persist.”

Since its inception, Utah schools have been awarded $35,419,406 in CSP funding. With the highest birth rate in the country, Utah needs great educational options. Public charter schools have succeeded in Utah since 1998, educating nearly 12% of students in 136 campuses throughout the state. 62% of registered voters in Utah have a favorable opinion of public charters schools. The top 6/10 high schools in the state are charter schools (US News & World Report 2020). Charter schools in Utah serve more minorities and students with disabilities per capita than traditional district schools. CSP funding makes a difference!

Please help support excellent public charter school education by supporting the Charter Schools Program.


The public charter school community in Utah