2020 Legislative SummaryUSBE Summary of 2020 Legislative session including law, funding, and policy requirements
Achieving with DataReport from USC about how high-performing school systems use data to improve education for elementary school children
Charter School Special Education ChecklistList of items to consider for special education
Charter School Special Education PrimerBooklet from the USBE for charter schools about special education (2012)
Employee Discrimination and Harassment Sample Policy
Sample policy
Employ Harassment Sample PolicySample policy
Employee Dress Code Sample PolicySample policy
Employee At Will Employment Sample PolicySample policy
Field Trip Check ListInsurance company suggestions on field trip oversight
Guidance for Non-Profit Organizations on Paying OvertimeFair Labor Standards Act guidance for overtime payment
Marketing PowerpointTraining powerpoint for marketing your school
Marketing WorksheetWorksheet to help you identify the key points to address in your marketing materials
Stand Out: A Guide to School MarketingMarketing presentation provided by the Colorado League of Charter Schools