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Governance Sharing Online Seminars

Governance Sharing Seminars give charter school boards the opportunity to come together to share ideas and best practices. 

 Recordings of Governance Sharing Lunchtime Seminars

These 30-40 minute recordings of our webinar seminars hit topics of interest to charter school boards. These audio recordings include questions asked by participants while recording live. If you have additional questions, please email for assistance.

Supporting documents discussed can be found in the Resource Library under Board Members.


Governance Sharing Lunchtime Seminar

Topic: Onboarding New Charter School Board Members

Recorded: March 20, 2019 (audio only)

Documents Discussed:

New Board Member Training

13 Documents Every Charter Board Member Should Read 


Topic: Open and Public Meetings Act

Recorded: April 10, 2019

Documents Discussed:

Open and Public Meetings Powerpoint slides


Topic: Board Evaluations

Recorded: April 24, 2019 

Documents Discussed:

Board Self Evaluation Form (Yes/No)

Board Self Evaluation Questionnaire (Detailed)

Option 1: Board Meeting Self Evaluation Form (1-5)

Option 2: Board Meeting Self Evaluation Form (1-5)

Board Meeting Evaluation from Independent Observation

Board Meeting Monitoring Report


Topic: Marketing

Recorded: May 1, 2019 

Documents Discussed:

Marketing Slides


Topic: Robert’s Rules of Order

Recorded: May 8, 2019

Documents Discussed:

Robert’s Rules of Order Slides


Topic: Reading Financial Documents

Recorded: May 15, 2019

Documents Discussed:

Reading Financial Documents

Charter School Accountability Framework Overview

Charter School Accountability Framework Detail