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The Utah Association of Public Charter Schools is a membership organization. We aim to provide advocacy, training, and technical support that promotes excellence in public charter schools throughout the state.



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TrainingWe ease the burden of running a successful school by providing professional development opportunities for Board Members, Directors, Administrators, and other school leaders.

AdvocacyThe Association is the leading voice for charter schools at all levels of State and local government, allowing you to focus on education.

SupportAccess to our ever growing on-line resource library, event series, and network of charter school experts gives you the tools you’ll need to strengthen your school and your team.

As a Member, you gain access to...



  • Professional Development through Charter School University
  • Discounted rates to our Annual Conference
  • Networking Events for board members, administration, and school counselors
  • Regional trainings for new and experienced board members along with administration
  • Monthly workshops for new administrators
  • Monthly Pre-Operational Training
  • On-line Training Library
  • Custom trainings and personalized support




  • Funding Voice for Charter Schools
  • Policy Protection
  • Advocacy at State & Local Level
  • Legislative Meet and Greets
  • Interim Participation
  • Member’s Policy Committee
  • Educator on the Hill Events
  • Premier table selection for Charter Day on the Hill
  • Credit Enhancement Program







  • Charterology Magazine
  • Discounted rate to our Annual Job Fair
  • Purchasing Program
  • Shared Services
  • Finger Printing Services
  • *401K, Legal, P&C, and disocunted Health Benefits
  • Increased Media Exposure/PR Assistance
  • Technical Assistance

Only $6 Per Student

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