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Build an Everlasting Board Culture

Build an Everlasting Board Culture


This free six-part series, developed specifically for Utah charter schools and presented by UAPCS’s experts in board governance, will help your board improve in every aspect of what you do. As you experience this training and implement the turnkey processes you’ll learn, your board meetings will be more efficient, your relationship with your director will improve, and you’ll have a more rewarding experience as a board member.  Your school will also reap the benefits.

When you attend this training series, you’ll leave with practical guidance and tools that you can use to improve your board’s operation and build your culture today.




Light dinner and networking 5:30-6:00pm, training from 6:00-8:00pm at Ascent Academy. 

October 16

Part 1: Creating Your Culture—Defining the role of a successful board

November 6

Part 2: Implementing Your Culture—Putting your principles into practice

January 15

Part 3: Expanding Your Culture—Getting help from others

February 19

Part 4: Practicing Your Culture—Improving the quality of your meetings and work

March 19

Part 5: Preserving Your Culture—Making your systems last

April 16

Part 6: Passing on Your Culture—Bringing new members on board